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October 30th is National Candy Corn Day!

No matter how you feel about CANDY CORN, these buttery-flavored tri-colored nuggets are the unofficial candy of Halloween. Some of us can’t get enough, and some of us think they taste like chalk, or worse.

Candy corn has been around for over a hundred years, and was designed to look like chicken feed. Each piece has about 7 calories. Comedian Lewis Black once joked that “All the candy corn that’s ever been made was made in 1911.” (Okay, he must be saying no one eats it so there’s a never ending supply. Haha. We get it. He is NOT on Team Candy Corn.)

For those of you who aren’t repulsed by these polarizing kernels, check out a couple of ways your family could use these buttery little gems to celebrate National Candy Corn Day. And for those of you who don’t like them, you could always keep one in your pocket to use as a shim for leveling a restaurant table…?

Candy Corn Math for Little Ones:
Candy corn is great for counting and pattern matching and practicing basic facts.

Candy Corn as Homework Incentive for Bigger Kids:
Here is the daughter of one of our employees, who gave herself a little reward after reading each paragraph in her BOO-ring AP History textbook.

You’ve probably had this at a party before, but all you do is mix equal parts candy corn with roasted salted peanuts. People say this combination tastes like a Payday candy bar. Yum?!

Home Decor:
Maybe you don’t like their taste, but you can always use these little sugar nuggets for decorating. Something easy to do is to fill any glass receptacle you have with candy corn and then place a candle in the middle. It’s a fun and festive way to create a Halloween glow.

We’d love to see YOUR uses for candy corn!:
If YOU have a fun way to use candy corn…in a recipe or in an activity or game, or in some other way, we invite you to attach a photo in the comments section below. We can’t wait to see your CORNY ideas!

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Ahhhh. October. Where DID the summer go? We hope you enjoyed the warm weather months. We sure did. So, what’s coming up next? What’s everyone up to? We’re currently obsessing over: fall colors, comfort food and…………HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!

In thinking back over the years, it’s amazing how costumes have changed. A lot of us children of the 70’s and 80’s remember heading to the local drug store with our parents to look at the shelves filled with (FLAME-RETARDANT!) boxed costumes. To those of you who also trick-or-treated during this era: can’t you just hear the crinkle of the cellophane on the front window of the box? We, the young Million Dollar Men and Bionic Women of the 70’s, could pick from superheroes like Wonder Woman and Batman, or we could choose to be Barbie OR if we were choosing all over again today, we know we would definitely want to rock a talking chimpanzee character from PLANET OF THE APES! Who else remembers sweating under the plastic, full-face mask with the two little eye holes? Sometimes there wasn’t even a mouth hole. The lucky punks had masks with nostrils. And inevitably, one of the staples holding the elastic to each side of the mask would break, before you even made it down the block…



Yes, costumes sure have evolved since the 70’s. We’ve all seen lots of cultural appropriation (ugh) and other interesting costume ideas for “big kids”. There still is some of that lingering today we know, but with the evolution of Pinterest and other social media platforms, it’s so fun to see the incredible creativity of those choosing to make their own charming and clever costumes.

Here are a couple of festive ensembles we made for a Creative Kidstuff happening a few years back, using a SQUARE BOX and a couple of clothing items from a thrift shop:


Making our “Blue LEGO” and “Popcorn Kid” was a blast. But hardly anyone we know has this kind of time. Kudos to those that DO, and to the rest of us we say: let’s not beat ourselves up!

If you’re a last-minute procurer of costumes like we are, stop in and let our “Boo Crew” show you the myriad of fantastic costumes we have in stock at our six Twin Cities stores.

So Happy Fall Y’all. Enjoy the season. And if you happen to snap a good pic of your kiddos dressed up for Halloween, post a photo of them in the comment section! #squadghouls

Play Ambassadors

Hello, Creative Kidstuff Community!

Thank you for stopping by. We’re looking forward to sharing some of the goings-on that are happening now at our stores, in our neighborhoods and (maybe?!) even in our homes. Today, we’d like to tell you about a new Creative Kidstuff program we’re launching that we are more than a little bit excited about:


This spring we put the word out to our customers that we were looking for volunteers—children aged 0-12 who love toys, games and books. Why? Because we were searching for kiddos to TEST OUT OUR TOYS! We know that children are the best judges. Like it, hate it, or meh…they will tell you exactly what they think. We want our staff to be able to recommend toys that are given the thumbs up from real children. We want to put toys in our holiday catalog that are kiddo-approved. BRUTAL HONESTY. Yup. We want it.

So, how’s it going, you ask? The kids are having a blast and giving us great feedback! The videos are rolling in from our Play Ambassador Families. And we have to say, seeing kiddos play with their toys and watching their little personalities light up our screens really is the highlight of our day.

From Lille and her mom sharing a sneak peak of their goodie bag outside our West End store via Instagram, to “Maggie’s and Johnny’s Lab of Toys” video post on Facebook, we are thrilled that our Play Ambassador Families are having fun and enjoying this toy-testing experience.

That’s our scoop. We’re letting YOU, our treasured customers and Creative Kidstuff neighbors, test out our toys. And it’s good. Really good.

Keep checking here for Play Ambassador videos…they will be coming soon!

This. Is. Fun.


Hello, and thanks for stopping by! We’d like to welcome you to the Creative Kidstuff Community Blog. At Creative Kidstuff, our mission is simple: WE HELP FAMILIES PLAY. Why? Because play is joyful, educational, creative and inspiring. So come play with us! This space is where we’d like to share ideas, projects and inspiration having to do with kids, toys, families, and happenings in our community.

We hope you stay and connect with us! We are just getting up and running, but in the future you will see lots of fun, and hopefully, helpful information. Things you can expect to live here include: pics and podcasts of what’s going on in our stores, videos of toy testers in our new Play Ambassador program, activities and craft ideas for kids, community event information, new and trending products in the world of toys, a kid-friendly recipe or two, behind-the-scenes shenanigans and perhaps even some light-hearted musings on life.