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Hello, and thanks for stopping by! We’d like to welcome you to the Creative Kidstuff Community Blog. At Creative Kidstuff, our mission is simple: WE HELP FAMILIES PLAY. Why? Because play is joyful, educational, creative and inspiring. So come play with us! This space is where we’d like to share ideas, projects and inspiration having to do with kids, toys, families, and happenings in our community.

We hope you stay and connect with us! We are just getting up and running, but in the future you will see lots of fun, and hopefully, helpful information. Things you can expect to live here include: pics and podcasts of what’s going on in our stores, videos of toy testers in our new Play Ambassador program, activities and craft ideas for kids, community event information, new and trending products in the world of toys, a kid-friendly recipe or two, behind-the-scenes shenanigans and perhaps even some light-hearted musings on life.

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